Actively booking for 2023. For information regarding packages and pricing, please contact through e-mail. 
Retouching Services for Photographers
This is perfect for high-volume photographers who need a boost in time-consuming detailed editing while managing other projects. 

The base price will cover general image enhancements for photography in the following categories: beauty, portrait, fashion, lifestyle, commercial, wedding and editorial.

Color correction (Adjusting tone, color and saturation alongside color grading)
Skin enhancements and adjustments such as: removal of acne and blemishes, wrinkle correction, skin smoothing all while preserving texture, adjusting skin tones.
Complete beauty retouch which focuses on thorough detail editing of image such as: Natural retouching of the skin with preservation of texture without blurring, eyes, lips and teeth enhancements, hair flyaway removal, make up correction and color adjustments, etc.
More information and sample images available upon request. 

Turnaround time within 2 weeks depending on amount of images.
Orders may consist of individual, small batch or bulk batch of orders. Orders of 12 images or more may qualify for a bulk discount. 
Express delivery fee available if needed.
Image Restoration
Starting at $35 per image.
Prices vary depending on condition and necessities of the restoration.
Thank you!