I had been determined to build a fashion portfolio throughout the past years. I was shooting with the intention of achieving a similar look and style of other photographers I was looking up to while developing my own. I've always been the kind of person to work with what I've got and make the best out of it, so I worked with the hunger of striving towards my next best photograph. Years of trying and seeing no success, however, will eventually get to a person. I was slowly coming to terms with needing to drop the idea and start seeking a career elsewhere. 
This is a body of work that started as a "one last shot" attempt to make photographs before moving on. One last attempt by detaching from a specific look I was trying to achieve. I applied different inspirations that I had gotten through abstract art I found at the time while also applying the study of color theory. For these photographs, I wanted to use a combination that I have always been fascinated by: red and blue.
The photos had an intriguing intensity that I wanted to reflect. I was truly captivated by the way a lot of these worked alongside in harmony. Through my studies among other art forms, I realized what I was missing. I wasn't romanticizing anything in my past work. I didn't see fragments of any passion within any particular series from the past. There weren't pieces that made a viewer think, wonder, discuss, or thoroughly analyze for a different meaning.

The structure here is the unity that is applied between the colors red and blue amongst each other with a female element.  Society has been trained to see women in a form that is relevant to the male gaze, but here I wanted to go against that.

*Image has been selected for group exhibition "Personality: Contemporary Portraiture" by PH21 Photography Gallery. 
“Red and Blue in the Female Gaze” is my way of combining fine art and abstract art characteristics romanticized in harmony. It is a study of color theory among the female element. It is solitude, emotion, shape and color. 

*Image was a part of group exhibition "The 2020 Favorite Photo Exhibition" by Lenscratch.